Parafil Parafil

Parafil Universal Restorative Material is a visible light activated, radiopaque restorative composite. Parafil is designed for use in both anterior and posterior restorations. The restorative contains Zirconium, BIS-GMA, UDMA, and TRI-EDMA resins.

Nano Hybrid Composite Nano Hybrid Composite

A new resin composite with unique nanofiller technology. Formulated with nanocluster filler particles, the composite is purposed to combine the strength of a hybrid and the polish of a microfil. nanogglomerated particles of 7 nm in size ...

Micro-Hybrid Composite Micro-Hybrid Composite

A light cured resin-based dental restorative composite which contains approximately 76% by weight (60% by volume) inorganic filler with an average particle size of 0.7 microns.

Hybrid Composite Hybrid Composite

A light cured resin-based composite used for all types of cavity preparations. An ideal choice for both anterior and posterior applications!

Flowable Composite Flowable Composite

Highly polishable, 67% filled, esthetic composite used for all types of cavity preparations. The composite has a nominal particle size of 0.7 micron

Chemical Cure Composite Chemical Cure Composite

A highly filled, non-sticky, self curing, hybrid, anterior/ posterior composite filling material. It is a convenient universal shade, paste/paste system.